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What is Catartika™?

An Emotional Release Experience Through the Power of

Music and Movement!

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The Method
Catartika ™ is a unique method developed to experience emotional release, decompress, relax and cleanse your body from negative emotions through the power of dance, music and movement. 

How was Catartika™ Developed?
For years I wanted to combine my background in dance and the arts with my background in psychotherapy and psychology to provide a class that was different from a regular dance class. Catartika™ is a unique method which combines elements of Yoga, Movement, and simple improvisation with components of psychotherapy. This method has been developed combining my personal experience in the field as well as numerous available research studies highlighting the benefits of dance, music and movement on mental health. A Catartika™ class has different parts in which the participants are guided into a unique transformative experience aimed at releasing stagnant emotions mainly through movements, which require NO DANCE EXPERIENCE. 
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Who can benefit from Catartika™?
ANYONE! There is no prior dance experience necessary. The class can be enjoyed by professional dancers as much as by someone who never took a dance class. Catartika™ is open to anyone, including people with some physical disabilities. All you need is to be at least 18 years of age and have an open mind. Catartika™ is especially beneficial for people who feel stressed out, overwhelmed by every day life or want to let go of "stuck" emotions and even old emotional wounds. 

*Disclaimer: Catartika™ is NOT a regular dance class nor it's meant to be a substitute for your regular mental health services/medication.
Therapeutic Services
Mental Health
Even though the Catartika™ method is meant to assist in decompressing, relaxing and letting go of negative emotions, it is NOT a therapy session. I am a licensed therapist in the state of Florida and I specialize in the treatment of trauma so if you live in Florida and you (or a loved one) need to book a therapy session, please call me at 
(754) 704-5434 or follow the link below.  

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