Male Dancer

Booking and Participating in a Catartika™Class

We recommend that you download Zoom before your first class. After clicking the "book class" button please choose from the calendar the exact date you would like to attend class, based on available options. After booking is complete, you'll receive the password/code to join the class. 

During class: Make sure that you wear comfortable clothing, that you have a good internet connection and that you have enough space to move freely without bumping into things. You might also want to bring a towel or a yoga mat as we will do some floor work. There will be some talking and sharing during class, but nobody is forced to do so. Get ready for a unique class in which you will experience emotional release through self discovery and guided movements/dance. 
During class, you might experience strong emotions. This is normal and it is part of the process to reach a happier state.

 *Disclaimer: Catartika™ is NOT a regular dance class and it is NOT meant to be a substitute for your regular mental health services/medication.



Therapeutic Services/Mental Health

Even though the Catartika™ method is meant to assist in decompressing, relaxing and letting go of negative emotions, it is NOT a therapy session. I am a licensed therapist in the state of Florida and I specialize in the treatment of trauma so if you live in Florida and you (or a loved one) need to book a therapy session, please call me at (754) 704-5434 or follow the link below.